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Early harvest of the new season

olive oils began to take their place on the tables with Niz Olive.

Niz Olive, which produces olive oil with Memecik type olives with boutique and high production technology, started to meet the consumers with the first products of early harvest.

Limited edition new

The first “Memecik Early Harvest Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil” of the season, with its high polyphenol level and 0.2-0.3 rhythm degree, leaves an intense bitterness on the tongue and a slight burning sensation in the throat, while crowning the tables with its unique taste.

Collected only by hand and comb

Niz Olive, which started the early harvest of 2022 with olives, offered Memecik Early Harvest Cold Press Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which it produced with high technology without sacrificing hygiene, to its consumers.

Special for early harvest

The product, which is produced in limited quantities and combines its unique flavor with countless cures, integrates its unique fruity aroma with flavors in every drop, as well as its high polyphenol level.

The freshness from the early harvest brings flavor to the tables

Healing from olives is Niz Olive’s

Bringing the high quality olive oils of the Aydın region to its users in the olive oil soap of Niz Olive, the secret of natural skin care.

Niz Olive’s artificial fragrance, color

olive oil soap that does not contain cleanser and waste oil; Niz Olive, which adds flavor to the tables with olive oil produced from Memecik type olives, also provides benefits for skin and hair care with its olive oil soap.

Contains K, D and E

Niz Olive olive oil soap, which helps to remove skin stains and reduce hair loss thanks to its vitamins and minerals, offers a natural solution. While reducing hair loss, it also delays graying of hair. Niz Olive olive oil soap, which helps to nourish the hair, strengthens the hair follicles against shedding.

To repair skin cells

The antioxidant-containing structure of the soap, which helps the skin, allows the skin to breathe and also eliminates acne. Olive oil soap, which has the vitamin E needed to keep the skin soft and moist, also minimizes the formation of blackheads.

Healthy life from Niz Olive

recipe: Fig Cure Niz Olive, which brings the most natural form of olives to its consumers, offers a cure-all with the “fig cure” that it includes in its healthy life recipe.

Niz Olive’s early harvest

The cure, which is prepared with olive oil and carefully collected Germencik figs, regulates the digestive system thanks to the vitamins B2, B3, B6, C and K it contains.

The most basic for a fit life

Niz Olive, which produces olive oil, which is one of the leading foods, from Turkey’s only olive with the European Union geographical indication, Memecik, offers a recipe for those who want to have a healthy body with its healing store fig cure.

Specially just early

The cure, which brings together the olive oil produced from the olives collected at the harvest and the famous natural figs of Germencik in the same jar, also helps to regulate the intestinal flora. The fig cure, which is also included in the Little Medicine Book written centuries ago by Ibn-i Sina, who is known as the Piri and Sovereign of the physicians, strengthens the immune system and increases the body’s resistance against many diseases.

Olive oil, which has been the value of these lands for thousands of years and which our ancestors approached with respect as a blessing, has almost been rediscovered. Those who know the taste of their mouths choose olive oil by looking at which olives are obtained with which technique, the materials that make up the prepared food, and when and how they will consume that food. Those who care about their health sometimes seek healing in olive oil because it is good for the heart or digestive system, sometimes for the hair and skin. The flavor nuances that change from harvest to harvest attract the attention of gourmets and those who care about their taste buds. Olive oil, which offers a healthy and vigorous life and gives a great taste to even the simplest foods, is referred to as "liquid gold". How nice!

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