Olive oil has been used as a source of healing in many cultures for centuries. Olive oil, which not only adds flavor to meals but also has benefits for beauty and care, is also frequently preferred in baby care since it is a natural ingredient. Olive oil can be a natural and nutritious product that can be used in baby care, but it is important to pay attention to some points. As Niz Olive, we have compiled what you need to know about the use of olive oil in baby care in this article.


Compatible with Babies’ Sensitive Skin

Olive oil can be used in many areas of baby care, but we recommend that you make sure that the olive oil you use is natural. Organic olive oil is a first-class product obtained from olives grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, is not based on traditional agricultural methods, and is suitable for use in baby care.


Use for Massage: Olive oil can be used in babies’ skin care. You can do a baby massage using slightly warmed olive oil. This can help relax the baby’s muscles and promote deep sleep.

Attention to Baby Skin: Babies’ skin is sensitive, so it is important to monitor skin reactions when using olive oil. Some babies cannot tolerate olive oil, and it may cause skin redness or irritation. Before using a new product, it is good practice to check the skin reaction by applying it to a small area. In this way, you can easily understand whether your baby’s skin reacts to olive oil.

Avoid Applying to Eyes and Face: Avoid applying olive oil to babies’ eyes and face, as the skin in these areas may be more sensitive and olive oil may cause irritation to the eyes.

Intraoral Use: In some cultures, olive oil is used for the oral hygiene of babies. However, you should be careful about this. Make sure that olive oil does not cause any irritation or allergies in your baby’s mouth, and stop use immediately if any side effects occur.

Choose Good Quality Olive Oil: When choosing olive oil for your baby, choose a quality and natural product. As Niz Olive, we produce and present to you the olives, the legacy of our ancestors, who have built the values of these lands for thousands of years with the real value they deserve, with the motto “Good olive oil is everyone’s right”. Niz Olive can be used safely in baby care because of its natural content.

Food Preparation with Olive Oil: You can use olive oil when preparing babies’ meals. For example, you can steam vegetables with olive oil or add them to your baby’s puree. This is a good option at a time when babies need healthy fats.

In conclusion, olive oil can be used in baby care, but you should be careful and monitor your baby’s skin reactions. If you have concerns about your baby’s skin or health condition, it is always a good idea to consult a pediatrician or expert nutritionist.

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