Memecik Early Harvest Olive Oil 3000ml

Memecik Early Harvest Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high quality and natural product obtained from Memecik olives grown in Ayvalık. This olive oil is obtained by processing the early harvested olives with cold pressing method at low temperature. Standing out with its sweet and fruity aroma, this olive oil is an ideal option to add flavor to your tables with its natural structure and healthy nutritional value.


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Memecik Early Harvest Cold Press Natural Extra Virgin;

1. It is obtained from the distinguished Memecik olives carefully grown in the Ayvalık region.
2.It is obtained by early harvesting of olives.
3.It is processed by cold pressing method at low temperature.
4.Natural aroma, nutritional value and quality are preserved at the highest level.
5.It has a characteristic fruity taste and the original flavor of olive.
6.It is produced naturally and purely.
7.It is a preferred olive oil in terms of health.
8.It is an ideal ingredient for salads, appetizers, marinades and various dishes.

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