Memecik Early Harvest Olive Oil 1000ml

Memecik Early Harvest Olive Oil is produced by collecting carefully selected green olives during the early harvest period. In this way, the freshness of the olives and the highest level of protection of beneficial components for health are ensured. This olive oil attracts attention with its intense aroma and characteristic bitterness. It is recommended to be poured raw on top of dishes such as rice, pasta and grilled fish, in breakfasts, salads and appetizers. It is an ideal choice for both table and food.


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During the period from early October to late November, the olives are carefully harvested while they are still green, a period known as the early harvest period. Olives are placed in perforated, air-permeable 20-25 kg crates and transported without touching the ground. Olives brought to the factory without waiting on the same day are pressed.

NizOlive olive oils prevent the olives from heating up and the formation of negative flavors in the oil by transporting the olives in crates instead of sacks. In the production process, olive oil is obtained by cold pressing (Cold Press) method in 2-phase systems under 22 °C. With this production method, vitamins, phenolic components and other values that are beneficial for health are preserved at the highest level. The olive oils obtained as a result of the preliminary analyzes made at the factory are stored in stainless steel chrome tanks. The area where the chrome tanks are located is kept at 18C-22C degrees by additional air conditioning.

Memecik Early Harvest Olive Oil has a green fruity aroma and leaves an intense bitterness on the tongue and a slight burning sensation in the nasal passages with the effect of phenol components and antioxidants from the olive fruit. Vitamin E, biophenols, antioxidants and other values are highest in early harvest oil.

This type of olive oil can be consumed raw at breakfast, or it is recommended to be poured raw on salads, appetizers, rice, pasta and grilled fish. It is also suitable for table and edible uses.

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