Memecik Early Harvest, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

It refers to a high quality and natural type of olive oil. This olive oil is obtained by early harvesting of Memecik olives grown in the Ayvalık region of Turkey. Olive oil is extracted by grinding the olives with the cold-pressed method at low temperature. No chemical treatment or refining process is applied during this process, thus a natural and pure olive oil is obtained. This type of olive oil stands out for its fruity aroma and high nutritional value.


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  • Memecik olive oil: Memecik is a famous olive variety grown in the Ayvalık region of Turkey. This variety is characterized by a sweet and fruity aroma.
  • Early Harvest: It refers to the time when the olives are harvested. In early harvest, olives are harvested when they are not yet fully ripe. This allows the olive oil to have a greener and more aromatic profile.
  • Cold Press: Specifies the production method of olive oil. Cold pressed is carried out by grinding olives at low temperature in mechanical presses. This method helps olive oil retain its nutritional value and be of higher quality.
  • Extra Virgin: Extra virgin means that olive oil is produced in the highest quality and naturally. This type of olive oil does not go through any chemical processing or refining process.
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