Memecik Early Harvest, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Memecik Early Harvest and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are the methods commonly used in olive oil production and are important for obtaining quality olive oil.


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Olive oil is a valuable oil preferred in many cuisines due to its health benefits and rich taste. Obtaining quality olive oil requires careful selection of the methods applied in the production process. Memecik Early Harvest and Natural Extraction stand out as important steps in this regard.

Memecik Early Harvest means that the olives are harvested before they mature, that is, before they reach full maturity. Harvesting olives while they are still green affects the ratio and quality of the ingredients they contain. Olives harvested early tend to have lower acidity levels and higher antioxidant content. This results in a higher quality and healthier olive oil. Memecik Early Harvest method also affects the aroma and taste of olive oil, offering a more intense and characteristic profile.

Natural Extra Virgin is another important method used in olive oil production. In this method, olives are pressed by mechanical pressing or extraction methods, but no chemical treatment is applied. In this way, the natural properties and flavor of the olives are preserved. Olive oil produced by the Natural Extra Virgin method may be more valuable in terms of health, because the nutrients and antioxidants it contains are more preserved.

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