Memecik Cold Pressed Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2000ml

Memecik Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from Memecik olives selected from Ayvalık. Cold pressed with early harvest. It adds flavor to salads, appetizers and meals with its fruity taste. Contains healthy monounsaturated fats. It is a pure, high quality and preferred option.


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Memecik olive oil is obtained from a special olive variety grown in and around Ayvalık, Turkey. It is produced by cold pressing and natural infiltration methods. These methods preserve the natural aroma, nutritional values ​​and antioxidant properties of olives. Memecik olive oil has a unique flavor and health benefits that set it apart from the rest.

Cold pressed means the mechanical squeezing of olives at low temperature. In this way, the original taste and nutritional content of the olives are preserved. Since Memecik olive oil is also produced by this method, a high quality and nutritious oil is obtained.

Natural extra virgin, on the other hand, is the natural bottling of the oil obtained by squeezing olives without any processing. Since Memecik olive oil is produced with a natural extra virgin method, its naturalness and clarity are preserved. It is more beneficial for health as it is not subjected to chemical processes.

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