Olive oil is an indispensable component of a healthy life and delicious meals. But how can we distinguish truly high-quality olive oils among the many olive oils available on the market? As Nizolive, we have thousands of years of heritage in offering the purest and most natural form of olive oil. Starting with the motto “Everyone has the right to good olive oil,” we would like to share with you some basic information on how to recognize real olive oil.

Smell and Taste: Characteristic Features of Olive Oil

Real olive oil has a unique, rich aroma. A quality olive oil usually contains scents of fresh grass, green leaves, or fruit. In Nizolive olive oils, you will find a rich and balanced taste profile that reflects the natural beauties of the Aegean and Mediterranean, leaving a slight bitterness on the palate and a characteristic burning sensation in the throat. This is an indication of the presence of high-phenolic compounds and antioxidants.

Color: A Visual Representation of Quality

Many people tend to judge the quality of olive oil by its color. The color of olive oil varies as a result of harvest time and olive variety. Green tones generally indicate an early harvest, and golden yellow tones indicate oils obtained from ripe olives. However, remember that color alone does not give accurate information about quality.

Packaging: Storage Conditions to Preserve Quality

The quality of real olive oil is directly related to appropriate storage conditions. Quality olive oil should be stored and protected from light and oxygen. Dark-colored glass bottles are generally preferred. Additionally, production and expiration dates on labels indicate freshness and quality.

Certificates: Official Marks of Quality and Purity

Real olive oil must comply with international quality standards. Quality standards are observed during production processes, and products are tested regularly. These certifications guarantee the purity and quality of the oil.

Understanding real olive oil requires some knowledge and attention. As Nizolive, we not only offer the highest quality olive oil but also share information that will enable our customers to become conscious consumers. When choosing your olive oil, trust Nizolive’s expertise and commitment to quality. We know that good olive oil is truly everyone’s right.

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