The Journey of Olive Oil from Ancient Times to the Present


Olive oil has a history of thousands of years and has been an important part of human history from ancient times to the present. Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations used olive oil both as a food source and in health and beauty rituals.


Ancient Egypt

One of the oldest uses of olive oil dates back to Ancient Egypt. Egyptians used olive oil in mummification processes, lamps and for cosmetic purposes. Olive oil was also of great importance as a sacred product offered to the gods in temples in Egypt.


Ancient Greek

Olive oil was an integral part of daily life in Ancient Greece. It was used in many areas, from nutritional habits to the care of athletes. In the Olympic games, athletes would participate in races by lubricating their bodies with olive oil. Additionally, the olive tree was considered a symbol of peace and victory in Ancient Greek mythology.


Roman Empire

Romans used olive oil in a wide range of ways. Olive oil has been widely used in meals, medicines and cosmetic products. The Romans established large farms to improve olive oil production and exported olive oil to all over the empire.


Olive Oil in the Middle Ages and Renaissance


In the Middle Ages, olive oil production and use remained widespread in the Mediterranean region. Especially in monasteries, olive oil production was of great importance for religious rituals and daily life. Olive oil was used both in cooking and in lamps and was also preferred for health and hygiene purposes.


During the Renaissance, olive oil also became a source of inspiration for art and literature. Painters added brightness and depth to their works by using olive oil in their paints. Additionally, olive oil trade became an important economic activity during this period.


Olive Oil in the Modern Age: From Tradition to the Future


Today, olive oil attracts attention with both its traditional and modern uses. It is preferred in a wide range of areas, from nutritional habits to beauty and health applications.


Cosmetics and Beauty

Olive oil is also widely used in skin and hair care. Thanks to its natural and nourishing properties, products containing olive oil help skin and hair look healthy and shiny. Additionally, olive oil is an important ingredient in natural cosmetic products.


Olive Oil Production and Technology

Modern technology has increased the quality and efficiency in olive oil production. In addition to olive oil obtained by traditional methods, modern production techniques are also used. In this way, olive oil reaches wider audiences and consumers are offered more options.


The Future of Olive Oil

The future of olive oil is shaped by the increasing interest in natural products obtained by traditional methods and sustainable agricultural practices. Environmentally friendly production techniques and organic farming methods will ensure that olive oil is consumed as a healthy and natural product in the future.


Olive oil has been an important part of human history and culture throughout its journey from ancient times to the present day. Nizolive olive oil carries this deep-rooted heritage to the modern world and offers consumers the highest quality and natural olive oil. Discovering the delicious and healthy world of olive oil is one of the best ways to keep this valuable heritage from the past alive.

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