Olive oil has played a significant role in nutrition, beauty, religious rituals, and many other areas throughout civilizations. Although modern techniques have been developed over time, the stages of making olive oil have been passed down from generation to generation like ancient knowledge. Olive oil, an integral part of Aegean and Mediterranean culture, actually represents a way of life. This identification has gone beyond being just a taste or a nutrient, it has become a symbol of life, culture, and even civilizations for centuries.

Imagine one morning, as the sun slowly awakens, you start the day in a garden full of the cool shade of olive trees and a light breeze. When you close your eyes, you listen to the quiet song of nature, and when you reach out, you touch the barks of centuries-old olive trees. It is right at this point that the journey of olive oil, the indispensable taste of our tables, and a source of health begins.

So, how much do we know about the process that forms this valuable oil? What kind of meticulousness and labor do the stages of making olive oil require? In this article, we will take a closer look at the journey from harvest to press that Niz Olive’s olives go through before reaching your tables. Prepare yourself for a journey that starts from the first moment the olives are picked from the branches and continues until they reach the transparent bottles adorning your tables.

1- Harvest Stage

The stages of making olive oil start with the harvesting of olives. The harvest process usually starts in November and continues until January. Harvesting the olives according to their ripening process is the most important factor determining the quality of olive oil.
Niz Olive carefully conducts its harvest using unique techniques. Olives are collected from the tree without damaging it. Since the collected olives need to be processed as soon as possible, the products are quickly transported to the processing center.

2- Sorting and Washing Stage

The collected olives are subjected to sorting and washing. At this stage, the olives are cleansed of dust, leaves, branch pieces, and other foreign materials on them.
Niz Olive performs this process in the most natural ways. Olives are washed and sorted using only water.

3- Crushing Stage

Washed and sorted olives proceed to the crushing stage. At this stage, olives are crushed in special machines so that the oil inside the olives can come out. Niz Olive performs the crushing process in traditional stone mills, preserving the natural aroma and beneficial properties of olive oil.

4- Mixing and Heating Stage

The crushed olives are subjected to mixing and heating. This process ensures that the water and oil of the olives mix homogeneously. However, setting the right heat is very important because high temperatures can reduce the quality of olive oil. Niz Olive manages and controls this process to ensure the highest quality of olive oil.

5- Pressing Stage

After the mixing and heating process, the pressing stage is passed. The pulp and water of the olives are separated, and the oil is obtained. The pressing process is the most important and sensitive stage in the stages of making olive oil. Niz Olive performs this process by combining the best features of modern and traditional methods.

6- Resting and Filtering Stage

The pressed oil is left to rest. This stage allows the sediment in the oil to settle. Then the oil is subjected to filtration. This process helps the olive oil to gain a clear and clean appearance.

The stage of making olive oil is a process that requires great care and attention. The transformation of a fruit of an olive tree into a valuable source of nutrition on our tables requires knowledge, experience, and mastery. As Niz Olive, we carefully manage and control every stage of this valuable process. All steps from the harvest, sorting, crushing, pressing, and finally the filtering and resting stage are meticulously carried out by our professional team.

Containing many beneficial components, olive oil forms one of the pillars of a healthy life. Niz Olive carries the mission of delivering this valuable liquid to you in the most correct methods and in the highest quality. Where the fresh breeze from the sea, the fertility of the land, and the power of labor combine, we offer you the best.

You can examine all our products on our website, choose the most suitable one for you among our olive oil options and place an order. How about opening the doors to a healthy and delicious life? It is time to crown your tables with Niz Olive’s rich aroma and superior quality olive oils. You can order right away to feel the quality of Niz Olive at your tables, and experience the unique taste and benefits of olive oil.

Remember, olive oil is a way of life, and crowning it with Niz Olive is in your hands!

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