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Niz Olive Brand Story

Niz Olive's story is almost a part of an inseparable whole with olives, the world-renowned product of the fertile lands where it was founded. The entrepreneurial spirit and love of olives of our manager Berna Küçükkaya, who played a leading role in reaching our current position, is a passion that dates back many years. The value that our industrialist father, Nebi Yorgun, gave to olives is the first shoots of our brand years before it was established. The fact that these sprouts reach deeper roots became a reality with the daughter of an industrialist father who was in love with olives. Our manager Berna Küçükkaya's childhood spent among the olive groves and her little escapes from school to go to the garden during harvest time are the most smiling moments of this journey. A little girl’s inhalation of the unique smell of olive oil, which has existed for thousands of years, coming from the stone printing machines that came to her father's factory to be cleaned, became a guide to her future goals. While her friends were taking care of the colorful flowers, she was planting the olive seedlings in the soil. The leadership she inherited with her self-confidence played an important role in transforming her unique passion for olives into the story of a female entrepreneur. For Berna Küçükkaya, who had further reinforced her passion for olives with the training she received from her master, this journey also turned into a responsibility to bring flavor to the tables. Pursuing her passion with the awareness of the value of women in working life and paving a way for the future for her two daughters gave Niz Olive a powerful story. Acting with the awareness that olive oil directly increases the quality in boutique production, our brand continues to make its story stronger with the successes it has achieved at home and abroad in its first year of establishment. Our brand, where success is not a coincidence and grows like an olive tree that spreads its roots deeper into the soil day by day, adds value to the taste of the tables with the motto "Everyone has the right to good olive oil".

Our Manifesto
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