Olives have been adorning our tables for centuries as an indispensable element of Mediterranean cuisine. Each olive variety offers a different story and a unique flavor profile. As Niz Olive, we would like to share with you the rich olive diversity of Turkey, as well as the Memecik olives we use in olive oil production. In this article, we will discover the characteristic features of olive varieties and the unique flavors these varieties offer.

Memecik: Niz Olive’s Choice

Memecik olive grows in the fertile lands of the Aydın region and is the main olive variety preferred by Niz Olive in olive oil production. This type of olive stands out with its intense and fruity aroma. Memecik olive oils add richness to your table with their slightly bitter and fruity taste on the palate. Offering a wide range of uses, from salads to main dishes, this olive oil will be an indispensable part of your kitchen.

Ayvalık: Light and Fruity Flavors

Ayvalık olive is another valuable gift of the Aegean Region. Ayvalık olive oils, known for their light and fruity tastes, are an ideal choice, especially for those who prefer light tastes. Ayvalık olive oils add a subtle layer of flavor to your meals by accompanying your salads and cold dishes.

Gemlik: Intense and Characteristic Aroma

Gemlik olives grow in the Marmara region and attract attention with their intense, characteristic aroma. Gemlik olives are generally consumed as black olives and are an indispensable part of breakfasts. Gemlik olive oil is also preferred in dishes cooked at high temperatures, especially fried foods and sautéed dishes. Its intense flavor adds depth and richness to such dishes.

Domat: The Sweet Melody of Green

Domat, one of the most distinguished representatives of green olives, attracts attention with its combination of sweet and slightly bitter notes. This olive variety is ideal for those who generally prefer fresh and vibrant flavors. Tomato olives add a sweet touch to your meals by decorating appetizer plates or adding them to salads.

Erkence: Like the First Lights of the Morning

Early olives, as the name suggests, are collected in the first days of the harvest season. This early harvest emphasizes the intense aroma and slightly bitter taste of the olive. When served in salads, appetizer plates, or with light snacks, Erkence olives add freshness and vitality to your tables.

Kalamata: A Taste of the Heart of the Mediterranean

Originating from the coast of Greece, Kalamata olives are known for their characteristic sweet-bitter flavor. Its fleshy and plump structure places this olive among the indispensable ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine. Kalamata can be used in a wide range of dishes, from hot dishes such as pizza and cake to olive oil stuffing, providing a unique harmony with each.

The Richness Offered by Olive Diversity

Olive varieties such as Domat, Erkence, and Kalamata allow the discovery of different tastes and aromas in our kitchens. Each type of olive adds a different dimension and depth to dishes with its unique flavor profile. As Niz Olive, we recommend you discover this diversity and experience these unique flavors on your tables. We hope you consume it for health and pleasure.

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