Look at Olive Oil from This Perspective!

When olive oil is mentioned, the first things that usually come to mind are its taste and health benefits. However, olive oil has been used in many cultures and in very different areas for centuries, and has been a kind of cure for troubles. We examine olive oil from aspects that you have never thought of before, or aspects that you know but most people do not.

You may be surprised by the many interesting uses of olive oil.


The Secret Behind Well-Cared Wooden Furniture

Olive oil is an effective natural solution for the care of wooden furniture. You can dip a cloth or microfiber cloth in some olive oil and gently apply this mixture to your wooden furniture. Olive oil penetrates deeply into the wood, preventing dryness and restoring its natural shine. Additionally, olive oil can penetrate the cracks of the wood, repairing minor damage and giving your furniture a longer life. With this method, your furniture will not only feel cleaned and polished, but will also retain their natural beauty. However, this maintenance should be done regularly, taking into account the type and condition of the wooden surface.


Olive Oil Care for Leather Jackets Used for Years

Olive oil is a natural and effective material used in the care of leather products. Many leather products, from leather bags to shoes, from wallets to leather seats, can be cared for with olive oil. A little olive oil can be gently applied to leather products with the help of a clean cloth or cotton pad. Olive oil nourishes the skin, softens it and helps it maintain its flexibility. It can also help alleviate scratches and even out color tone. After the maintenance process, you can air your products for a while to allow excess oil to be absorbed. However, when using olive oil, you should avoid applying excessive amounts and maintain your products regularly without overdoing it. This simple and natural method is a great way to protect and extend the life of your leather products.


Maintenance Time for Knives and Scissors

Olive oil offers a natural, effective and anti-rust solution for cleaning knives and scissors. It can especially prevent the formation of rust on metal surfaces and at the same time increase sharpness. For the cleaning process, a little olive oil is dropped on a cloth or cotton pad, then applied to the surface of the blade or scissors. While olive oil dissolves dirt and stains, it does not damage the surface of the metal. Additionally, when used to protect knives and scissors that tend to rust, it can help keep them long-lasting and durable. After cleaning, it is important to wipe off excess oil and wash the products when necessary. With this simple method, your knives and scissors will be both clean and protected.


Natural Way to Remove Makeup

Natural Way to Remove Makeup

Olive oil is a natural and effective option for makeup removal. By adding a few drops of olive oil onto a cotton pad or soft cloth, you can gently remove your eye makeup or facial makeup. Olive oil can be effective at removing waterproof makeup and gently moisturizes your skin. At the same time, it does not harm the skin while removing eye make-up and can be used as a natural cleanser. After cleansing, you can rinse your skin with warm water or wash it with a cleanser. However, every skin type is different, so it’s important to test your skin’s reaction before using olive oil. If you are looking for a natural and nourishing option for makeup removal, olive oil can be a great choice.

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