Olives and olive oil are indispensable elements of Mediterranean cuisine. However, the process of reaching these delicious and healthy products to our tables is a special journey that requires effort and knowledge. In this article, we will take a journey from the start of the olive harvest season to the olive oil production processes and the effects of these processes on the final product.

Beginning of Olive Harvest

Olive harvest varies depending on the degree of ripening of the olives and the type of olive oil desired to be produced. Generally, early harvest is done while the olives are still green; This results in a sharper and fruitier olive oil. Late harvested olives offer a more ripe and full-bodied taste. The harvesting process is mostly done manually or using mechanical means, this process is extremely important to maintain the quality of the olives.


Olive Oil Production Process

Harvested olives usually begin processing within 24 hours to maintain maximum quality. The olives are first washed and removed from leaves and other foreign substances. Afterwards, the olives are crushed and turned into dough. This paste is processed by cold pressing, which is critical for preserving the natural aroma and nutritional values ​​of olive oil. Cold pressing is one of the most important factors that determine the quality of olive oil.


Effects on Flavor

The taste of olive oil depends on many factors, such as harvest timing, processing method and the climate of the region where the olives are grown. Early harvest olive oil generally has a more bitter and pungent taste, making it ideal for salads and cold dishes. Olive oil obtained from more mature olives has a softer and fruitier profile, which is preferred in cooking and sauce making.

Olive harvest season is the busiest and most important period of the year for olive oil producers. Each step directly affects the quality of the product and the taste of the olive oil that reaches our tables. The care shown in this process turns olive oil into a work of art rather than just a cooking ingredient. This fascinating journey of olives proves once again how taste and health are intertwined.

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