Creating a clean and healthy home environment is among everyone’s priorities. However, chemical cleaning products on supermarket shelves can sometimes cause concern. At this point, you come across a natural solution from Niz Olive: Olive oil!

How to Clean with Olive Oil?

1) Furniture Polisher: You can obtain a natural furniture polisher by mixing some olive oil and lemon juice. While this mixture gives your furniture a natural shine, it also prevents dust.

2) Rust Remover: Olive oil is a great solution for rusty cutlery, garden tools and even some bathroom fixtures. Rub the rusty area with some olive oil and then wipe it with a damp cloth. Olive oil helps dissolve rust and makes the surface shine again.

3) Natural Polish: It can also be used as a natural polish for wooden surfaces and cutting boards. You can provide both protection and a natural shine by massaging wooden surfaces with a few drops of olive oil. This method extends the life of the wood and helps prevent cracks.

4) Pre-Cleaner for Stains: It is an effective pre-cleaner for oil stains on kitchen counters or difficult stains on clothes. Drop some olive oil on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, and then do your normal cleaning. Olive oil softens the stain and makes it easier to remove.

5) Natural Hand Cleaner: Olive oil is also an ideal solution for stubborn dirt on hands after painting or gardening. First apply olive oil to your hands, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wash it with warm water and soap. This method gently cleans the dirt from your hands and moisturizes your skin.

Cleaning with olive oil is an approach that respects both your home and nature. These chemical-free methods ensure that your home stays naturally clean while protecting the health of your family. You can contribute to both your health and the environment by choosing Niz Olive Olive Oil for natural cleaning.

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