Children’s eating habits are an important factor that shapes their future health and taste preferences. Introducing olive oil to little gourmets to give them a healthy and delicious start can be a great addition to their nutritional world. Here are some creative ways to use olive oil for kids:


Colorful Salads

Children generally love colorful and fun dishes. You can make colorful salads consisting of vegetables more delicious and attractive by drizzling some olive oil on them. Prepare a colorful salad using popular vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers.


Olive Oil Snacks

Healthy snacks help children maintain their energy. Vegetable chips baked with olive oil or crackers blended with olive oil are delicious and nutritious options.


Add Flavor to Breakfast

Breakfasts are one of the most important meals of the day for children. Light omelets prepared with olive oil and sandwiches enriched with cheese and olives allow children to start the day energetically.


Creative Pastas

You can make pasta, one of children’s favorite dishes, healthier and more delicious with olive oil. Pasta prepared with olive oil, fresh vegetables and some cheese will be both a nutritious and delicious meal.


Homemade Sauces

Children can sometimes have a hard time eating vegetables. Homemade sauces you prepare with olive oil can make vegetables more attractive. For example, the sauce you prepare with olive oil, yoghurt and a little lemon juice goes great with vegetables such as carrots and cucumber.


Fun Dishes with Olive Oil

For children to enjoy eating, meals must be fun and interesting. Here are fun dishes you can prepare with olive oil:


Vegetable Pizza

Children generally love pizza. Vegetable pizzas prepared with olive oil offer a healthy and delicious alternative. You can bake the pizza dough made from whole wheat flour by greasing it with olive oil, add colorful vegetables and some cheese on it and prepare a pizza that your children will love.


Olive Oil Sandwiches

Sandwiches you prepare with olive oil offer a healthy and satisfying meal. Sandwiches prepared with whole wheat bread, fresh vegetables and a little olive oil will be a great addition to your children’s lunch box.


Baked Potatoes with Olive Oil

Potatoes are another food that children love. Potato slices that you bake in the oven with olive oil will be a crispy and delicious snack. You can prepare a healthy snack by slicing potatoes, blending them with olive oil, and then baking them.


Desserts Prepared with Olive Oil

Olive oil works wonders not only in savory dishes but also in desserts. Here are some dessert recipes for children that you can prepare with olive oil:


Olive Oil Cake

Olive oil adds extra softness and flavor to cakes. You can prepare healthy and delicious olive oil cakes for your children. The cakes you make with whole wheat flour, honey and olive oil will be your children’s favorite.


Fruit Yogurt

Yogurt is a great food for children. Yogurt flavored with olive oil turns into a dessert that children will enjoy when served with fresh fruits. You can prepare a healthy dessert by drizzling some olive oil over yoghurt and adding fresh fruits.


Olive Oil Cookies

Olive oil adds wonderful flavor and texture to cookies. The cookies you prepare with whole wheat flour, oats and olive oil will be a healthy snack that your children will enjoy.

Olive oil is a great option to offer little gourmets a healthy and delicious start. You can develop children’s taste buds and encourage healthy eating habits with many different dishes, from colorful salads to creative pastas, from fun dishes to desserts. Nizolive olive oil is a product that you can safely use in your children’s nutrition adventure with its natural and high-quality content. Enjoy helping little gourmets discover new tastes with olive oil.

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