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What should be considered when buying olive oil?

Olive oil with a harvest date older than 12 months should not be consumed. Since the mineral ratio in old oils is low, there is no health benefit, and the durability period of olive oil can vary depending on which olive is produced. The higher the polyphenol in the olive, the longer the oil’s time to protect itself.

How should olive oil be stored?

  • The four main enemies of olive oil are heat, light, oxygen and moisture. Considering these four factors, it should be stored at 13-18 degrees, in the dark (in a place where there is no light), tightly closed in such a way that there is no air gap, preferably in glass or tin packages, away from moisture. If these conditions are met, olive oil will maintain its freshness for two years.

How to use cold pressed olive oil?

  • In order to benefit from the contents of cold-pressed olive oils in the best way, they should not be heat-treated during use. It would be more correct to add as much raw oil as you want to your meal, which you have cooked in as little oil as possible.

How should we consume for health?

  • We recommend that you consume our products raw every day, preferably in the morning.

Is there an option to pay at the door?

  • We do not have a payment option at the door.

What should be considered when buying your cargo?

  • Before receiving your cargo, please open and check both the outer packaging and the inside with the cargo personnel. If the cargo is dented, torn, broken, rusty, etc. In cases where it is damaged, such as the cargo officer, make sure to attach a damage assessment report and request the return of the cargo without receiving it, together with this report. Do not throw away the original packaging of the products you receive. When returning or replacing, send it back in its original packaging.

Will I be charged for return shipping?

  • If you choose the contracted courier (Sürat Cargo) that delivers your order to you, you will not pay a shipping fee. In case you choose a shipping company other than this one for the return, the shipping fee is borne by the customer.

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