Our Brand Story

Niz Olive Brand Story


The story of Niz Olive is almost a part of an inseparable whole with the world-renowned product of the fertile lands on which it was founded. The entrepreneurial spirit and love of olives of our manager Berna Küçükkaya, who played a leading role in reaching our current position, is a passion that goes back many years. The value attached to olive by our industrialist father, Nebi Yorgun, is the first sprout of our brand years ago. The fact that the roots of these sprouts reach deeper became a reality with the daughter of a father who is an industrialist but in love with olives. The childhood of our manager, Berna Küçükkaya, spent among the olive groves and the little getaways she took from school to go to the garden during the harvest are the most smiling moments of this journey. A little boy’s inhalation of the unique scent of olive oil emanating from the lithographic machines that came to his father’s factory to be cleaned, which has existed for thousands of years, also became a guide for his future goals. While his friends were taking care of the colorful flowers, he was bringing the olive seedlings together with the soil. The leadership she took over with her self-confidence played an important role in the transformation of her unique passion for olives into a woman entrepreneur story. For Berna Küçükkaya, who has reinforced her passion for olives with the training she received from her master, this journey has also turned into a responsibility that brings flavor to the tables. Being aware of the value of having women in the working life, following her passion and paving the way for the future for both of her daughters gave Niz Olive a strong story. Our brand, which acts with the awareness that olive oil directly raises the quality in boutique production, continues to strengthen its story with the success it has achieved in the country and abroad in the first year of its establishment. Our brand, which grows like an olive tree, whose success is not a coincidence, and which takes its roots deeper into the soil every day, adds value to the taste of the tables with the motto “Everyone deserves good olive oil”.

Our manifesto



Olive oil, which has been the value of these lands for thousands of years and which our ancestors approached with respect as a blessing, has almost been rediscovered.

Those who know the taste of their mouths choose olive oil by looking at which olives are obtained with which technique, the materials that make up the prepared food, and when and how they will consume that food.

Those who care about their health sometimes seek healing in olive oil because it is good for the heart or digestive system, sometimes for the hair and skin.

The flavor nuances that change from harvest to harvest attract the attention of gourmets and those who care about their taste buds.

Olive oil, which offers a healthy and vigorous life and gives a great taste to even the simplest foods, is referred to as “liquid gold”.

How nice!


We harvested without hesitation to strike with a pole to get its fruit from its branch,

We sweat to start processing immediately so that it does not detract an iota from its value,

We invest at a much higher cost than usual so that it does not lose its natural nuances,

We carry out the processing processes in a hygienic environment above the standards,

We named it with the hope that it will benefit humanity.

To the founders of us Niz Olive

What could be better than presenting a product whose value everyone knows, olive oil?


More beautiful,

It can be to touch the life of all humanity with taste by keeping the quality of olive oils signed by Niz Olive always at the highest level and the price at an accessible level.

We are ready to share the generosity of our geography adorned with memecik olive trees.

Because good olive oil is the right of all of us!